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Pop-Up Shops, Pop-Up Spaces and Promotional Spaces are key areas for businesses to connect with customers
Our Evolution

Our journey began as CentreSpace, a business model representing hundreds of promoters – managing their space activation bookings. The business changed quickly as shopping venue portfolios appointed us exclusively, to sell and manage their promotional spaces.

For over 10 years we have helped venues identify unused spaces and fill these with exciting short-term promotions creating additional revenue streams and vibrancy in their centres.

We’ve also improved the way promoters can find and book spaces. We offered clients the ability to book multiple sites from one provider only, radically streamlining the process. Our experience and expertise ensured we became leaders in the space activation industry.

These credentials were noticed by heavyweights in the IT industry and together we launched anyspaces.com, a technology-enabled solution  to overcome some of the obstacles identified by Bookers and Listers of short-term promotional spaces. 

Intelligent match-making of requirements, combined with added-value services, will transform the way spaces are used thereby creating innovative ways to engage the end-customer in the real world again.

About the Users

Our platform is for everyone when it comes to promotional spaces. We connect owners or managers of space with people or businesses who need to rent the space. Providing an amazing experience via our platform is our complete business ethos.

Listers of space

A company or individual who lists a commercial space for short term bookings (such as pop-up or Casual Mall Leasing spaces; pop-up shops in vacant shops; hanging banners; floor/ door/ escalator decals/stickers; bathroom posters; vending spaces). They can be individual owners, the Manager of a shopping centre or the National or International manager of a portfolio of different venues. This is the platform’s supply chain and is the core inventory of our system. Our inventory evolves and develops with every new listing and we aim to work with our listers to discover new spaces that can be brought to life with activations.

Find out why a lister might use the platform click here

Bookers of space

A company or individual who books/enquires about a commercial short term space.  Sometimes can also be referred to as Clients or Promoters. Whatever you are our platform loves you as you are the reason for our drive to provide the best possible experience. It is your creativity and inspirations that inspire the customers in and around the venues to buy retail, and access services. Bookers are incredibly important to the eco-system of our platform as they drive the demand and continuously request for more innovation and access to a world of spaces.

See the benefits and values the platform offers space bookers they would not get anywhere else

Bookers that use the platform


Pop-up spaces are ideal for any new business with an idea they may be unsure of.  A display area is very low-cost, temporary, and allows direct interaction with prospective customers for feedback.  Perfect to test a concept, find the right target customer demographic by trialing different locations , or experimenting with messages.


Any businesses that need to speak to customers directly for market research, promoting or demonstrating a service, and acquiring leads for future marketing contact. This includes clubs, associations, professional and medical services, home maintenance operators, etc.


To sell-off excess stock, try a different location or customer demographic, or create a seasonal advertising campaign. Also perfect for flash sales or trialling a new product. Retail needs omni-channel solutions to consistently engage with customers. The touch & feel approach has always resonated with customers and offers an engagement that connects everyone.


Looking to create a high-touch experience via product demonstrations, giveaways, or promotions in a novel way or interesting location. Try multi-site and multi-media activations for message impact. A low-cost, direct-engagement option to add to your brand campaign plans.


Otherwise known as E-tailers are competing in the biggest retail marketplace using online. Research shows the growing need to interact directly with customers and showcase products again in the real word. Customers want to touch, taste, feel, try-on, and experience products. Synergy between online and offline promotions work best (omni-channel)


Agencies need to consistently innovate their messages to retain their clients. With less time focused on sourcing locations and finding out the pricing, availability and suitability they are able to focus on their core commodity THE CLIENT. Our platform connects agencies with thousands of spaces so they can focus on the message and not the booking.


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“Colliers are pleased to provide a reference for your company on the great work that has been achieved across the Colliers Retail portfolio since your appointment.  We have had positive feedback from many of our clients about the additional income that your creative team has added to the bottom line.
We look forward to our ongoing relationship and more success as the Colliers Retail management portfolio continues to grow.”


Head of Retail, Colliers International

“AnySpaces has been working with Transport NSW to activate vacancies across our diverse property holdings across the State. Successfully activating numerous short-term tenancies at many long term and difficult assets across our portfolio, generating revenue and an improved customer experience.”


Transport NSW

“I have been working with the team for many years and it is income that owners love and also gives your centre a point of difference.”


Senior Centre Manager

“The platform makes booking spaces as simple as booking accommodation or transport with a process I am really familiar with”



“Now our vacancies can generate income by using the platform, and we still retain complete control with the approval process on our mobile devices”



Our Mission

Transformation through technology

Our aim is to change the conventional short-term space rental industry through cutting-edge technology, matching listers and bookers directly and instantly, removing the gate-keepers, and significantly streamlining the booking process.

Removing industry obstacles

The traditional booking process is slow, clunky, with multiple parties involved, taking up to a week to finalise.  Access: there is no single platform to view, list and book thousands of spaces in the market. Managing bookings: there is currently no way to manage campaigns, revenues and performance, all on one dashboard…. We provide the solution with our platform capability.

A game-changer

We are dedicated to creating a faster, easier, less expensive option than currently available including all types of locations, venues, and spaces. Bookers and Listers can transform under-utilised spaces into revenue-generating, customer-driven engagements.

Who? How? Why? What? Listers???

The basics of the listing process is that you firstly need to tell us where your listing is located and then tell us what you propose on listing. This is in two very easy steps on the platform designed to make it happen within minutes so your spaces are up for bookers to book and get activated as quickly as possible.  Remember a booker can not book what is not listed so list everything you can.  You still have the approval controls to monitor if it is the right fit for your listing. (Click here to find out more on approving bookings so you know the controls you have)

Our tutorial on videos will show you how to list your venue and spaces within minutes either on your computer or on your mobile device. The process is simple.

Click here to see about listing


This word refers to the actual place that hosts the individual spaces that can be booked – The address… such as shopping centres, transit hubs such as train stations or bus depots, storage facilities, etc.

You can view a full list of the venue types we offer here.

The platform makes it easy for you no matter if you have 1 venue or 1000 venues the technology operates the same processes no matter how many listings.


Sometimes referred to as ‘ the site’ this is the designated physical area that hosts a promotion. Listing a space needs some details… What it is, How much it is and What it looks like are the core basics.

We also refer to a ‘Site Map’ this shows the booker where the space is in the venue. Our brilliant design team can create 2D or 3D interactive and responsive site maps, If you need them. please get in touch via email design@anyspaces.com, send them what you have and what you want and let them get to work.

You can view a full list of space types others are hosting here for inspiration

We are always looking for exceptional relationship and business development managers.

Give us a call at 1300 88 00 83 if you think you have the skills to help us grow.

Become a venue partner

Being part of a portfolio of venues on singular booking platform – allows venue partners to get in front of thousands of bookers, growing revenues and creating customer experiences, with the latest technology.

Create your customer experience

anyspaces.com offers a range of locations for lead generation, retail or experiential branding promotions. Our range of venue types and space types provide options for boosting your business to a targeted audience.



No problem. We have answered all of the important questions in our FAQ. If you still can‘t find the answer you’re after then get in touch.

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