Add value for the customer.

Use the pop-up experience to create a tangible relationship between you and your customers. When competing for their attention it is critical to have a high quality visual presentation.

Make it visually appealing and inviting to customers. Clever use of space creates a dynamic experience that immerses the customer into your brand.

Bring your ideas to life in fascinating, colourful and entertaining ways. Your message has to be delivered within 3 seconds for a customer to become engaged.

Things to consider.

Can your customers tell what you are doing within 3 seconds

Tell People Who You Are

You want new clientele to remember the experience you’ve cultivated, not forget it as soon as they walk away. Always aim to leave a lasting impression that makes someone want to follow you on Instagram, seek out your website, return to your location, and hopefully tell their friends. Exposure is how brands survive in an oversaturated landscape. So be sure to name yourself, make your social media handles prominent, provide business cards, and engage with customers verbally about your brand. Whatever you do, focus on making sure your clients know and feel that your pop up is something to remember. That way, you’ll turn a pedestrian into a follower — and a dedicated customer!

Merchandising: Simple, clean and effective. Clutter and chaos will cause customers to avoid you. eg instead of laying your products out on a table why not bring a tiered stand in and display them on this. Visually this is much more appealing, more of your products can be seen and it also looks neater.

As more pop-up’s enter the market, competition is heating up and retailers must push the envelope when it comes to creative campaigns

You want to create campaigns that sum up everything about a brand’s identity in a neat, tidy, and most importantly, interesting way.

Display Your Products Well

Always organize your products by group: colour, silhouette, price, theme, style… anything relevant really! Get creative: develop your own system that works best for you based on the products you’re selling and what items you want to draw the most attention to. Feel free to get creative and group random objects that share a colour scheme. (Smiggle do this on purpose to attract clients in as its extremely visually appealing from a distance) Let your personal style shine without it becoming too obtrusive!

You want your customers to visualize themselves living in your brand and owning your products. Make your pop up aesthetically beautiful so the customer will want to bring a piece of it home.

Equipment: Are you using the right equipment for your products? The right equipment is a crucial part of making a great impression and having a successful campaign. eg if you are displaying clothing, instead of just hanging them on racks why not bring in some mannequins to display some items on. (Also remember to change whats on the mannequin regularly so it looks as though you have new products in all the time.) Damaged and old stands can also take away a great visual presentation. You want everything to look fresh and clean to appeal to customers and to attract them over to your stand.

Theme your pop up on the season at hand. Major fashion lines commonly echo the seasons in their visual identities, and it’s also effective for pop up shops!

Bright, verdant colour schemes and tasteful indoor foliage can do the trick. Aim to keep your presentation fresh and new while honouring your original pop up idea.

The details are important, but the overall presentation of the pop-up is what draws your customer in.

Look at the experts.

There is so much going on it is hard to be seen through all of the noise. A simple, clear & effective message is a proven strategy.

Jamie T


Know your audience & yourself

Understanding your target market and what they are looking for is the first step in building your promotional display. Depending on your product or service will depend on how best to display your stand in a creative and engaging way

See the promoter guidelines>

Would you stop at your stand?

Use the pop-up experience to create a tangible relationship between you and your customers. Experience is a critical element to a promotion. How you impact a potential customer with your presentation will dictate the success of your promotion. Remember, customers who are passing by your activation need a reason to stop, stare and act quickly.

Touch, Feel, Shop, Repeat

If you are retailing products you need to let customers experience how the product looks, feels and acts. This is what gives space activations the ultimate advantage over online. Think of the best retail stores in the world and how they display their products. Invite users to discover the benefits. An experience is only as good as the invitation to try it.

Where you can go

Your campaign includes the purpose of your promotion & a visual of your display. Using this information the space lister will either approve or reject your booking application. Space listers are looking for high quality displays that add value to the overall customer experience.

Are you selling a brand?

Customers want flexibility, to restrict them is to isolate them and yourself. Your business has the opportunity to engage with customers during your activation in an offline and online manner. Make sure customers know where they can find you in the digital world to continue purchases and information gathering.

A 3 second message

1,2… gone… Over the years we have seen businesses innovate the way they capture the attention of customers. Catchy slogans, recognisable logos, instagram worthy moments! Make your message clear, honest and simple. Remember, Your message has to be delivered within 3 seconds for a customer to become engaged.



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Our service experts can help you from the beginning to the end of the promotion and offer access to industry leaders so you are getting the highest level of service.

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Transport NSW

“Colliers are pleased to provide a reference for your company on the great work that has been achieved across the Colliers Retail portfolio since your appointment.  We have had positive feedback from many of our clients about the additional income that your creative team has added to the bottom line.
We look forward to our ongoing relationship and more success as the Colliers Retail management portfolio continues to grow.”


Head of Retail, Colliers International

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