You are required to adhere to all of the terms and conditions set out in the licensing agreement. Failure to comply with the terms and condition of the agreement will result in immediate termination of your licensing agreement. Please be aware that the space owner or manager is able to terminate your display and booking at any stage. Please ensure you have paid for your promotion prior to checking in to your space. If payment is not received before arrival at the centre, anyspaces and the Lister have the right to cancel your booking and prevent you from setting up.


You must be set-up and be on site before the main trading hours commence. Set-up can begin 3 hours before the main trading hours start. If you would like to set-up outside of this time, you must include this in the special requirements section when making the booking.

You need to use the App on your mobile phone for checking in and out of the promotional space you have booked inside a venue. Use your phone to scan the QR Code that can be found on a decal/sticker on, or near, your allocated space (Square, machine-generated barcode with black and white lines).

Or show a venue staff member the booking QR code on your App and they will check you in. This will automatically generate an alert for the Lister if there are any late arrivals or absentee issues.

If your booking has not been checked in by the opening hours of the venue the Lister retains the right to deny you entry for the day.



On arrival present your booking QR Code to an onsite staff member for scanning, and see what equipment you have reserved in your booking. The staff will scan this to see details of equipment requested in the ‘Special Requirements’ section. If you do not have the application on your phone you or your staff member will need to have a hard-copy print-out of the booking QR code to access the equipment.


Please check all of the equipment once you have taken receipt. If there are any issues with the equipment provided, report immediately on the ‘Incident report‘ section against the booking so the space owner can address. Ensure that you correctly brand the equipment with signage that is removable and causes no damage.


At the end of the booking period, you/your staff member will need to have the booking QR code scanned again by a space owners staff member to return the equipment, at which time the centre staff will inspect equipment to ensure no damage has occurred. Please note, failure to have the equipment returned and your QR Code scanned can lead to administration fees being charged by the space owner.


Before arrival, check the centre site map to ensure you know where your display space is located in the mall. Contact the centre security manager and ask for guidance into the space on arrival Check which centre access door to use Conduct a damage inspection together with a centre security staff member


  • Ignition must be turned off
  • Ensure only minimal fuel is in the tank
  • Attach tyre pads to protect the floor of the display area
  • Do not keep keys on-site


  • Contact security staff before departure to supervise the exit
  • Conduct exit inspection with centre security staff to check any damage incurred
  • Ensure the authorised driver has identification to show if requested


You are required to have high-quality, printed materials on or next to your stand at all times, no handwritten materials are allowed.  Well-designed table skirts, pull-up banners, and A4 perspex sign holders are a good idea; as well as business cards or leaflets with your website and contact details to give to customers.

It is a legal requirement to have all pricing information easily visible to the public.  Also refund & exchange information needs to be clearly displayed.

You will only be permitted to set up the equipment listed in your campaign. If you have requested equipment from the centre in the special requirement’s section of your booking and this was approved, please ensure you check the equipment in and out at the start and end date of the booking.

Leasing of promotional space is approved based on your application details, including the display stand or equipment you will set up in the space.  All display items must fit within the dimensions of the site you have booked.  Your promotional stand must meet Australian standards and all electronic equipment must be certified by a qualified electrician.  All pop-up banners and equipment must be under 1.5m. Please note that if you are handing out samples, this must be approved and listed in the special requirements when making the booking.

Some of our centres offer equipment for hire.  Any items hiredmust be returned in the same condition as when they were hired. If you wish to hire equipment from the centre, this has to be actioned in the request available service section in the booking. We strongly advise you check the space has equipment for hire as an option before placing your booking and requiring equipment from the centre. If the centre does not supply equipment then the service request will be shared with other 3rd party equipment providers who will supply you a quote.


On-site transactions must adhere to all requirements of the retail laws in the country in which you operate. In Australia these are outlined in the Retail Act.

If you are a retailer, you need to ensure that a refund and exchange policy is on display at your stand at all times.


Staff members on-site are representing your brand and your business. It is important that they look professional and presentable at all times. They need to wear branded uniforms and/or branded name badges to indicate that they are manning the stand or promotional area.

This will also help to ensure no complaints are made to the centre and that repeat bookings will be accepted in the future.


Discussions with customers should be clear and concise. Staff are not allowed to use sales tactics that may be considered abrasive, aggressive, or pushy – including not calling out to passers-by or following customers as they walk past.

A maximum of 2 promotional staff are permitted within the promotional space at any one time. The area must be manned by at least 1 staff member during main trading hours unless you have requested otherwise in the special requirements section when making the booking.

Please note, food or drink is strictly prohibited within the promotional space. Staff must adhere to hygiene regulations and be compliant with health and safety regulations at all times.


At the end of your promotion please dismantle your display, and return the promotional space to its original condition. Pack-up must be done within 3 hours of the centre’s main closing time. If you wish to pack-up outside of this time, you must write this in the special requirements when making the booking.

Trading hours are visible on your booking details screen. You are required to have your booking details with you onsite at all times.

It is important that you adhere to the industry rules and regulations listed below
Our venues want to ensure your promotions are as successful as possible in an environment that adds value and experience to customers


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