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The Destination and Promotion Experts 

anyspaces.com is an independent space activation platform. We put destinations, consumers and brands together to maximise revenue from onsite marketing campaigns. 

Following on from our success with brand promotion and venue management in the UK, anyspaces.com was launched in Australia in 2008. Drawing on more than 25 years’ combined industry experience, the anyspaces.com Directors have created a unique concept and an expert team for the Australian market. 

The anyspaces.com team comprises a range of promotional space leasing executives and venue management experts who specialise in brand promotion and shopping centre management


We Take Care Of Every Detail 

For mall owners and venue managers across the globe, anyspaces.com is creating new commercial opportunities from highly marketable floor space and foot traffic. With access to a database of leading brands seeking promotional and retail opportunities, our destinations occupied with strategically positioned retail and promotional displays, generating revenue and creating a quality customer experience. 

anyspaces.com Connects Destinations and Retailers 

We find the right brands for your space ,every aspect of their tenancy, from negotiating rates to “bump in” and presentation logistics. anyspaces.com will ensure that presentation installations are perfectly suited to both brand and venue, using the right features and dimensions to avoid clutter and to improve the visual appeal. 


We create great customer experiences 

To deliver the best commercial returns for iconic destinations, plus a superior leasing and management service to our venue partners, anyspaces.com uses a comprehensive approach to casual mall leasing. 

Our proven venue management approach includes: 

  • Site Surveys: The anyspaces.com team conducts location surveys to identify the most suitable and effective promotional areas and commercialisation opportunities for your venue. 
  • Planning & Negotiation: The Key Account Manager for your venue will deliver a knowledgeable personalised service. Your assigned manager will broker deals for you and attract new brands to your space, improving your revenue through increased occupancy to reach agreed budget targets. 
  • Right Tenant Right Location (RTRL) & Right Brand Right Location (RBRL) Strategies: We ensure your promotional space is only leased to suitable brands and tenants that will enhance the image of your venue and complement current retailers. 
  • Marketing Strategy: Your Key Account Manager will work on a quarterly account planning cycle as well as developing your media pack. Your venue will be featured in quarterly e-newsletters to our clients. 
  • Full Booking Service: All responsibilities concerning license negotiation and creation, risk assessments, credit checks, billing and cash collection are handled by our anyspaces.com team. We also maintain a dedicated online booking, diary system, and Destination Media Specialists (DMS) booking system for each venue. 

Reviews: anyspaces.com conducts regular reviews to discuss ways in which to achieve targets, enhance performance and build successful partnerships between retailers and venues.


We Help You Attract Customers & Increase Revenue 

anyspaces.com is the venue management agency of choice for many iconic destinations across Australia. Our venue listing partners rely on us to attract customers, increase revenue and take care of all the important associated details. 

We offer unique benefits to venue partners in Australia: 

Scale: With our extensive portfolio of brands and promoters, anyspaces.com offers the biggest national platform to promote a venue space to increase revenue. We maintain a large database of clients who are looking for long or short term promotional opportunities at prime retail, sporting, leisure and entertainment destinations. 

Quality: Providing mall equipment without any upfront cost gives you peace of mind and the highest standards of visual presentation for your venue and customers. 

Integrity: By offering complete operational management of the rented space, anyspaces.com ensures that the venue and existing retail outlets are never compromised by promotional activity. 

Influence: anyspaces.com are promoters of highly desirable brands. We can secure the best rates with the appropriate brand for your venue. 

Growth: Our commitment to maximising occupancy and income from your space will optimise the contribution to your bottom line 

With the support from our outbound sales staff and dedicated relationship management team, you will experience increased revenue, and can be assured of a venue that always presents well.


Talking one-to-one with your audience 

anyspaces.com provides brands with the opportunity to engage and interact with your customers through a range of media channels 

Experiential: We can connect brands with high impact, strategically positioned space in shopping centre’s airports, iconic destinations and sports stadiums which can provide a perfect platform to: 

  • Promote, showcase, launch and sample brands 
  • Create immersive brand experiences 
  • Acquire customers and data 

Retail: anyspaces.com can promote specialist retail opportunities in Australia’s leading shopping centres, enabling retailer brands to take advantage of prime mall space in high footfall destinations. 

More Than Just Space: Going beyond pure space, at anyspaces.com we offer state-of-the-art display and merchandising support through a comprehensive range of services: 

Media: anyspaces.com delivers full media campaigns to retailers, brands and businesses; each tailored to individual business objectives and budget. Our customised media packages include product sampling, partnerships, sponsorships and events. All these elements create the ideal promotional experience for your customers, capture attention – and generate sales. 


Making The Most Of Your Promotional Space 

Partnering and listing with anyspaces.com is about effectively and efficiently connect with your customers: saving time and money, increasing sales – and improving customer experience. 

Our pioneering approach to casual mall leasing and venue management offers strong revenue-growth opportunities for both retailer & venue: 

  • Low Risk: The anyspaces.com model for retail exposure and face to face marketing helps retailers test markets and gather data before making important decisions about business objectives and sales targets. 
  • Low Investment: anyspaces.com clients make significant savings by allowing anyspaces.com to negotiate on leases and organising staffing. 
  • Low Overheads: Collaborating with anyspaces.com is easy and will never compromise your venues brand integrity or values. 
  • “Shops Without Walls”: anyspaces.com’s promotional spaces and exclusive venues are designed to give our clients direct contact with potential buyers in high foot traffic areas. Customers who are ready to buy can learn about their brand and interact with their products. 



anyspaces.com & its team are dedicated to space activations. This avoids us becoming distracted with all of the other components venues and space have to consider. From our technology team, to our sales and customer service departments anyspaces.com has the pure intention of delivering high quality space activations for its clients.

Network effect

Partnering with anyspaces.com makes your listing part of a larger network. It allows brands exposure to your venue that they may not have had before. Our multi – currency platform allows for domestic and international brands connect with your venue as if they were a local


To ensure we are the leading pioneers in our platform we connect with other industry experts to assist our clients click here to see how we work with SMEs to grow them into future brands.

Anyspaces offers a platform solution for its users. Offering features to enable users to manage aspects before, during and after the booking this is what sets our platform apart from other booking sites.

Key platform features for listers

Cutting-edge functionality gives you a competitive edge.  Here what you get with the tech…


You are in charge of every stage of the booking process – from the location and size of the spaces you are listing, the calendar dates you make available, and the Bookers you allow into your space.

Instant approvals 
Set up this function for specific promoter categories that you would like to see in your centres, or for highly-rated Bookers.

Incident reporting
Send an alert immediately if there is a problem with a booking on-site.  You will also receive alerts requiring your attention from bookers if they experience issues on-site.

Price settings
Select Smart Pricing to reflect supply and demand, seasonal price loading or you can choose to accept bids on rates from Bookers.


Listing is easy with information importing and help from our concierge service.

Hands-off check-ins
Bookers check in by scanning a QR code that is attached to the space

Automatic paperwork and payment
The system generates contracts and executes payments seamlessly.

Aggregated media
List pop-up spaces, vacant shops, vending areas, posters and decals all on one platform.

The more venues and space bookings you have to manage, the more difficult to handle manually.  You need a technology-enabled system.


Your dashboard allows you to track bookings, performance and revenues across different time periods and different centres;  and easily generate reports. These tools allow you to closely manage your spaces at all times.

Ratings and feedback give you insights, highlight areas of concern, and improve decision making.

Performance stats
Get unparalleled management information from your dashboard such as revenue and performance comparisons across booker categories, staff members, venues and spaces – for action into the future.


Our native applications makes your life easier in an environment you’re familiar with.


SCALE: With our extensive portfolio of brands and promoters, anyspaces offers you the biggest national platform to promote your venue space to increase revenue. We maintain a large database of bookers who are looking for long or short term promotional opportunities at prime retail, sporting, leisure and entertainment destinations.

INTEGRITY: By offering complete operational management of the rented space, anyspaces ensures that the venue and existing retail outlets are never compromised by promotional activity.

GROWTH:  anyspaces commitment is to maximise occupancy rates and profits from your valuable mall space whilst maintaining a variety of customer experiences.

INFLUENCE: anyspaces has ongoing relationships with desirable brands and promoters, so we can secure the best rates with the best brands for your venue. Our network of centres allows your venue to be considered as part of a larger portfolio and with the ease of access to bookings, brands will be compelled to activate in your spaces.

Re-imagine and re-purpose your vacant spaces to create vibrancy and activity in your venues. Interesting brand activations entice customers to stay longer and increase foot traffic.


There are so many options when it comes to listing spaces. Figuring out what you want to achieve is the first step. Are you looking to book a space so you can create a space activation that will immerse your customers in your brands message? Or are you a space owner looking to activate the space and generate revenue? Maybe you’re both… whatever it is our powerful technology platform connects people who have space with people that need it


Join the platform today by registering to see how we can secure bookings by listing or assist you

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This is not a booking system this is a platform. The difference is a booking system will handle the transaction, anyspaces gives you much more. Depending on whether you are using the platform for listing or to book space the overall engagement before, during and after the booking is captivated on anyspaces giving you a single point of reference for everything.


Democratising transactions:  Technology is an ‘enabler’ in most industries – removing barriers, allowing businesses and consumers to communicate directly.

Our platform connects the fragmented Supply of promotional spaces (in shopping centres and other venues) with the under-served Demand in the market, (those promoters restricted by limited knowledge, middlemen, and slow transactions).


As economies and SMEs become more agile and gig-orientated, the need for space to be more flexible becomes a priority. Businesses need to move fast, trial locations and messages at the last minute as their situations change.

Long-term, expensive, locked in contracts or fit-outs no longer cut it.


Brands, retailers, and services are again recognising the need to reach customers directly – allowing them to see, touch, feel, taste or try on products in the real world, even if they are online sellers.

The buzz words are customer experience, brand activation, high-touch points, direct engagement – in order to create impact, goodwill and loyalty among customers.


With the migration to online shopping, new entrants such as Amazon, and big chains consolidating or closing – traditional retail has to reinvent their offer and re-purpose unused spaces to provide interest and activity on their premises.  Attractive promotions and vibrancy keep customers coming back.

” Destination shopping” is different than regular, casual shopping … customers will plan a trip to a retail centre …. in order to spend a number of hours there as entertainment, rather than simply the act of purchasing goods. ” Wikinvest, 2018.

Our Mission

Transformation through technology

Our aim is to change the conventional short-term space rental industry through cutting-edge technology, matching listers and bookers directly and instantly, removing the gate-keepers, and significantly streamlining the booking process.

Removing industry obstacles

Traditional process: is slow, clunky, with multiples parties involved, taking up to a week to finalise.  Access: there is no single platform to view, list and book thousands of spaces in the market. Managing bookings: there is currently no way to manage campaigns, revenues and performance all on one dashboard…. We provide the solutions with our platform capability.

A game-changer

We are dedicated to creating a faster, easier, less expensive option than currently available including all types of locations, venues, and spaces. Bookers and listing partners can transform under-utilised spaces into revenue-generating, customer-centric engagements.

Our venues have benefited immediately after listing on the anyspaces platform. Accessing the anyspaces booker database features has given us immediate income from desirable usages




List, edit and update all of your spaces through the app and the website. It only takes a few clicks!


Review each and every booking request in real time then choose what works for you.


View past, present and future booking details, generate reports + much more.


Provide logins for all of your staff members & management to access only their relevant parts of the platform.


Be notified as bookers check-in and out of your spaces in real time by scanning unique QR codes.


Issues with a booking? Simply log a quick incident report via the app and our team will get straight onto it. Keep track of the progress on your dashboard.


Visit this section of your dashboard to browse monthly revenues and projections across different spaces and venues.


Give the promoter feedback on what they did well or how they can improve their behaviour or display for future bookings.


Being part of the anyspaces marketplace – allows listing partners to get in front of thousands of bookers, growing revenues and creating customer experiences.

Promoters are able to book multi-site and multi-media campaigns all in one place, instantly.  And Listers have easy access to review bookings, campaigns, monitor progress and apply the latest technology to assist you with getting the most out of your space.



No problem. We have answered all of the important questions in our FAQ. If you still can‘t find the answer you’re after then get in touch.

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