Different locations offering promotional spaces

Venue Types.

Different venue types offer different types of customers.  You can find a location to target a particular audience demographic – to test an idea, trial a new product, sell stock, boost awareness and get direct feedback.  Understanding the state of mind of your customers in a specific type of retail environment, will help you to better connect with them and leave a lasting impression with your promotion.

Shopping Centres.

Shopping centres generally offer the following spaces:  Pop-Up spaces for a display stand in the common mall area;  short-term promotional space in vacant shops;  vending areas; outdoor areas adjacent to the centre; car park spaces; bollards;  as well as static advertising signage such as floor, door, lift and escalator decals, and bathroom posters. Neighbourhood centres are great for products and services aimed at a wide variety of audiences from families, mums, school-kids, older shoppers, and tradies.

I have been working with the anyspaces team for many years. I have found that pop-ups offer income that owners love and interesting activations give your centre a point of difference.

Trevor M

High Street.

Pop-up shop spaces offer businesses an opportunity to activate a vacant shop on a short to medium term basis. This avoids high capital investments and costly fitouts for bookers, while reducing vacancies for the space owner. Great for bookers with valuable merchandise as shops can be locked-up overnight. Also great for online businesses or entrepreneurs wanting to have a ‘high-street’ experience.

Train Stations.

Train station shopping arcades offer an ideal way to target commuters. These are high traffic areas ideal for fast transactions and exchanges such as fast sale items or food items.  Generally these venues offer pop-up spaces, vacant shops and signage options.


Exhibitions offer stallholders a very targeted audience and slightly larger spaces than shopping centres.  Generally you will be surrounded by similar vendors from one industry, so it is best for promoters to invest in a good-looking stand and promotional material to stand out from the crowd. A great way to really show off your products and services.


Take a look at some of our tutorial videos. They can guide you through the features on the app and provide step-by-step instructions on how to use the platform.


Although similar to exhibition spaces, these sites are mostly outdoor and aimed at a wider shopper demographic.  Often with a fun, relaxed vibe, and family-friendly atmosphere, markets are an ideal way for slightly longer exchanges – a great place for customers to touch, smell, try-on and experience products and services.  A good way to connect and build relationships in a community.  And a good place to create urgency with limited items available for the day only.


Offices often have underutilised areas. Booking a workspace in a busy environment is a great way for entrepreneurs to connect and become more professional.  And businesses can trial locations and space configurations in an easy and inexpensive way.

anyspaces has been working with Transport NSW to activate vacancies across our diverse property holdings. They have been successful at booking promotions at some of our more difficult assets – generating revenue and improving customer experience.

Richard Z


Vending  refers to coin-operated machines such as Massage Chairs, Kiddie Rides, DVD Vending, Gaming and Skill-testers, Food and Beverage and even some retail items as well.  We have vending spaces available for booking at most of our locations.


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